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Covering everything

Countless products travel the world and conquer the globe.
Some are cheap mass-produced articles and others are beautifully handmade products, but all are born out of workmanship, a willingness to take risks and innovative strength. That’s why these products deserve to be delivered safely to their destination.

When it comes to packaging, the requirements depend entirely on the contents being packaged. Whether for the automotive industry, the construction sector, the domestic market, or for high-end consumer goods, the most important thing about packaging is usually the protection of goods from scratches, breakage and damage caused by impact. Innovative, lightweight packaging materials are creating space in all means of transport – by road, ship or air. This saves energy, time and money. Furthermore, it is obvious that an aesthetic wrapper and a good presentation of wares can effectively have an impact on the purchase decision.

NOMAPACK® profiles provide packaging, embellishment and protection for everything – with no exception. Our standard products are already sufficient to cover the majority of current packaging requirements. But if your product is really unusual and exceptional, we will provide the perfect packaging adjusted to your product. Our specialists will explore the specific problems – together with your experts – and come up with a packaging solution perfectly tailored to your requirements. We have the resources, the innovative finishing processes, experience and enthusiasm to meet particular challenges and to create the seemingly impossible from foam. One thing is certain, NOMAPACK® will accompany your quality product until the end customer gets it.