Our product range and expertise

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You are the centre of attention!

We have mastered development and production technologies for manufacturing technical foams with diverse densities, colours and shapes.
In practice they meet the multiple demands of their functional characteristics. This requires different densities, colours and patterns. Our technological advantage enables us to offer you tailor-made components for finished products and diverse solutions. We develop the best foam for your application in collaboration with you.

As a brand name manufacturer you offer your customers the highest quality. Thus you demand only the best from your suppliers. Our products give your brand the finishing touch. That way, on your part, you can offer your customers the quality that lets your products stand out.

We offer a wide range of foams that are made of the most diverse materials and have different consistencies, such as with closed or open cells. Our high-tech manufacturing and tireless spirit of research allow us to shape practically any idea out of foam.
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NMC Customizing - our products as a made-to-measure suit

Our world consists of foam solutions for all possible current and future industries. We have listed some examples here.
Together with your experts, our engineers will find the perfectly tailored solution to your problem. With foam, we can make the impossible possible.

NOMATECŪ is versatile

NOMATECŪ protects against compression, shock, impact or abrasion damage, and significantly increases comfort at the same time. Whether it is for people or furniture, components or finished products, NOMATECŪ is on the spot.

With NOMATECŪ you can insulate your products effectively and permanently against cold and heat, it protects against moisture and saves them from frost damage and weather exposure. Even drafts have no chance to intrude if joints and seams are fitted with NOMATECŪ.

NMC - the all-round carefree package

With NMC you do not only receive products and components of the best quality, but also all-round support - from the idea in its development stage to the finished product in your distribution centre and beyond. Whether it is in project support or advice, training or service - with NMC, you are never alone.

The above-listed websites give detailed information about our service package.